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Does your roof have a leak, storm damage, or is it missing shingles? We can save you thousands by properly diagnosing and repairing your existing roof. Of it’s storm damage, we will help guide you through the insurance claim process to ensure that you receive an equitable, minimal-stress claims process.

Shingle Roof Repairs

Every roof faces the challenges of time and nature. Whether it’s a small leak or a few missing shingles, River Valley Roofing is your trusted partner for shingle roof repairs in Connecticut. As a recognized Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, our commitment is to provide not just a service, but an experience that leaves homeowners satisfied and secure.

While minor damage might seem harmless, it can escalate quickly, especially in Connecticut’s diverse weather conditions. Our expertise in local roofing challenges ensures that we pinpoint issues and provide lasting solutions. Our skilled team ensures that repairs are done promptly and efficiently, minimizing any disruption to your daily life.



Roof Repair FAQ's
Why is prompt roof repair so crucial?

Addressing roof damage immediately can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly problems. Water infiltration can cause structural damage, mold growth, and damage to your home’s interior if left unchecked. A timely repair ensures the longevity of your roof and safety of your home.

How do I know if my roof requires repair or a full replacement?

Factors to consider include the age of your roof, extent of damage, and number of previous repairs. While isolated damage or minor issues on a relatively newer roof can be repaired, an older roof with extensive wear or multiple issues may require a replacement. It’s always best to consult with a roofing expert like River Valley Roofing for an accurate assessment.

Can I repair the roof myself to save costs?

While DIY solutions might seem cost-effective initially, roofing requires specific expertise. Incorrect repairs can lead to further damage and higher expenses in the future. As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, River Valley Roofing ensures quality and durability in every repair, offering peace of mind and long-term savings.

How long will a typical roof repair take?

The duration of a repair varies based on the extent of damage and the type of repair required. Minor fixes might take a few hours, while more extensive repairs can span a few days. River Valley Roofing provides a clear timeline after assessing the damage, ensuring minimal inconvenience.

What are the signs that my roof might need repairs?

Common indicators include missing or damaged shingles, granules in the gutter, leaks inside the house, sagging roof areas, or visible punctures and holes. Regular roof inspections can also highlight potential issues before they become evident.

Are roof repairs covered by homeowner's insurance?

Coverage depends on the insurance policy and the cause of damage. Typically, sudden and unforeseen damages like storms or falling trees are covered. However, damages from neglect or regular wear and tear might not be. Always review your policy and consult with your insurance company. River Valley Roofing can also assist in understanding and navigating insurance claims for roof repairs.

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