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Roof Inspections and Recommendations

Shingle Roof Replacements for Southeastern Connecticut including Colchester, Glastonbury, Manchester & Norwich.

Our team of skilled professionals, certified as Owens-Corning Preferred Roofers, is dedicated to providing top-tier roof installation services tailored to the unique needs of each home in Connecticut. Using our knowledge, hard-work and ethics, we offer comprehensive roofing services that give you a “peace-of-mind” that your new roof was installed proeperly with only first-quality materials.

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Our New Roof Installation Process

  1. Thorough Inspection and Assessment: Initiate each project with a detailed inspection to identify any potential issues with the current roofing structure.
  2. Complete Roof Removal and Tear-Off: Efficiently remove the existing roof, ensuring proper disposal of materials.
  3. Plywood Replacement or Metal Installation: Replace any compromised plywood or install new metal sheeting as needed.
  4. Water and Ice Dam Prevention System Installation: Implement a reliable water and ice shield, crucial for Connecticut’s climate.
  5. Ventilation System Design and Implementation: Create and install a ventilation system to regulate attic temperature and moisture.
  6. Chimney Re-flashing: Ensure a watertight seal around the chimney with professional re-flashing.
  7. Gutter and Downspout Installation/Replacement: Install or replace gutters and downspouts for effective water management.
  8. Replacement of Vents and Skylights: Carefully replace existing vents and skylights, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.
  9. Installation of High-Quality Roofing Materials: Use superior Owens-Corning products, ensuring adherence to building codes and manufacturer guidelines.
  10. Sealing and Finishing Touches: Apply sealants for a complete, watertight finish.
  11. Cleanup and Debris Disposal: Conduct thorough site cleanup, prioritizing safety and cleanliness.
  12. Final Inspection and Quality Assurance: Perform a meticulous final check to guarantee the highest quality of work.
  13. Warranty and Post-Installation Support: Offer detailed warranty information and ongoing support.

At River Valley Roofing, we’re committed to delivering a roofing experience that exceeds your expectations. Our expert team ensures every aspect of your roof installation is handled with precision and care, from the initial inspection to the final touches. With our comprehensive services, including the latest in vent and skylight replacements, your home will not only gain a roof that stands the test of time but also a transformation that elevates its overall value. Ready to embark on your roofing journey with us? Contact River Valley Roofing today for a consultation, and let’s give your home the protection and beauty it deserves.

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